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Remote Patient Monitoring


Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) aims to provide quality healthcare to patients outside clinical settings. Emphasizing preventative healthcare, our RPM services in the USA offer real-time monitoring and evidence-based data to enhance patient management and engagement. We review care plans, evaluate monthly performance, and provide billing reports to support revenue generation, adding value and reputation to your practice without additional staff.

Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring

For Healthcare Providers:

  • Increased revenue and patient satisfaction
  • Improved health outcomes and patient retention
  • Streamlined patient onboarding and coordination
  • Reduced overall healthcare costs and clinical staff needs
  • More face time for physicians

For Patients:

  • Easy access to quality healthcare at home
  • Real-time data for up-to-date health conditions
  • Effective management of acute and chronic conditions
  • Time and cost savings from fewer clinical visits
  • Personalized care and lifestyle management

Why Choose Physician Bill Care?

  • Pliant Scaling Capacity: Adaptable to various practice sizes
  • Cellular-Based Monitoring Devices: Reliable and efficient technology
  • Domain Expertise: Extensive knowledge in RCM and HIT
  • EHR Integration: Seamless data integration with existing systems
  • Seasoned Care Coordinators: Experienced and multilingual support
  • Monetary Gains and Savings: Enhanced revenue and cost savings
  • Cloud-Based Encrypted Portal: Secure and accessible data storage


Mechanism of Our RPM Program

Patient Selection: Care coordinators pre-screen patients to meet insurance and program requirements, providing eligibility lists daily or weekly.

Monitoring and Support: Certified multilingual coordinators monitor daily readings, communicate with patients and practices, manage critical readings, and provide lifestyle coaching.

Technical and Billing Support: We offer technical support for device setup and comprehensive billing reports to support revenue generation. Our experts provide technical education and training for both clinical staff and patients.



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